I have a deep Passion for Pollinators as well as other insects. I am a avid gardener that starts my own plants from seeds in my greenhouse to attract some of the most heart warming visitors you can attract.

I love photographing these visitors to share with others. The Monarch photo above is a example of the magic I am able to capture. She was laying a egg on the milkweed in the photo. I was able to capture the full metamorphosis through photographs. This allowed me to share with school children the magic. The school children voted and named the new Monarch "Beautiful" before being tagged and released for it's journey to Mexico.

I love what I do, I hope my photographs will bring heart warming feelings like I experienced capturing them.

My personal gardens I capture my photographs in are certified with 6 wonderful Organizations. My NWF Certified Habitat has now been designated as an Advanced Certified Wildlife Habitat!

1. National Wildlife Federation Certified Backyard Habitat # 49691

2. Monarch Watch Certified Monarch Waystation # 229

3. Monarch's Across GA Certified Pollinator Garden # 46

4. North America Butterfly Association Certified Butterfly Garden

    # 45

5. Humane Society of United States Certified Urban Wildlife

    Sanctuary # 1158

6. Certified Bee Friendly Garden

7. NWF Certified Advanced Wildlife Habitat, Bird Friendly Habitat # 159,174



Nature is my Teacher; Through my Viewfinder I'm taught

Sharing images of my lessons; Exploring subjects my shutter caught


©2009 Passion For Pollinators

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